May 24, 2024 10:05 pm , Friday



UN Academy For Influential Leaders

Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Academy of Influential Leaders

My vision… To invest our strengths in which God loved us, from a distinct strategic position, A leading investment force, Arab and Islamic depth, inspired by the strength of our Government in Saudi Arabia and many achievements and a number of transformative possibilities have evolved, contributing to tangible results At the level of the Government’s labor system, the economy and society, in particular education in all its forms, The Kingdom thus laid the foundations for the future success that awaits millions of nationals from foreign and internal education ambassadors, especially in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arab Gulf region. We were able to launch a rehabilitative training education academy for all the world’s students to be influential and active leaders in society. The United Nations Academy of Influential Leaders sets out its vision for the advancement of all our children around the world.

Ambassador Dr. Fahd bin Rashid Al-Marri
Chairman of the Board of Directors