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UN Academy For Influential Leaders

This question is always raised by many aspiring figures for a position, namely, what are the qualities of influential leadership?
What makes leaders so successful as to believe they are the greatest leaders of all time?
What makes them distinct from others?
It is obvious to think that the qualities that make a person leader are “heroic, charisma,
And indeed these are leadership qualities as we think,
But what really makes the leader strong, successful and influential?
Criteria to be a successful and influential leader in others:
Successful leaders are able to influence others.
They use their innate qualities to inspire the workforce, the team, or even the nation to achieve the goals. They always inspire those around them to push them to do their best and achieve their best.
Leaders always have a foresight.
Their vision always goes far beyond their mission to achieve long-term goals.
Influential leaders are able to manage relationships with others and create positive results.
By using their strengths side by side with others’ strengths.
An influential leader always has innovative and flexible solutions.
Most leaders have not only long-term visions of the Goals but also innovative ways of achieving them. They also have sufficient flexibility to correct or make repeated improvements to the Goals. They follow the principle that the Goals can bend in order not to break.
Influential leaders always learn from their failure.
World leaders and business leaders alike can create victories from the disasters facing them. Leaders learn from failure and turn it into a set of victories. They have the determination and determination to focus on the goal that they can achieve despite successive setbacks or adverse circumstances.
These were the most important criteria to be available in the commander to be an influential leader capable of achieving the goals.
The most influential leaders in history

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