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UN Academy For Influential Leaders

Leadership and influence in individuals go hand in hand with each other, often linked to each other, although they are very different. It is difficult to understand the difference between the two, if we want to talk deeply about each other’s qualities, and it is also important for coaches who help managers, administrators and business owners to highlight experience in various fields to build their own brand, and understand what makes good leaders influence individuals and influencers. I am talking here about some differences between leaders and influencers to illustrate the difference between them.

1 – Not all influencers are leaders: An influencer can be a marketing manager, author, celebrity or politician, but leadership is more than that. A true leader enables his workforce to work expertly and creatively to build a bright future. Leaders assist the system in making the required changes, and while influencers can be neutral in their values, the leader cannot. Leadership requires influence and other additional qualities.

2. Leadership and influence are not always consistent: Leadership puts influence distinctively. As a leader, you’re supposed to guide and influence the workforce for great results. The influencer can make changes that affect results without being a leader. One can be influential without being a leader. On the other hand, there can be an ineffective leader who cannot influence others. However, if you look at any successful entrepreneur, you will realize that he is a great leader who has influenced his employees to get positive results and make their business the best brand.

3 – Is the individual leading the path or exposing it only: senior leaders bring changes in people, places and attitudes. They lead from the front and walk the path they show their followers for success. However, an influencer shows you the way and can guide you on how to go. It is not necessary to walk with you until the desired results are achieved. The effect is about pushing others to do the job, while leadership is about doing the job and making others follow as their ideal.

4 – Leaders lead people, while influencers lead ideas: influencers are people who advance ideas that have never been presented before. These ideas proved useful for brand management. They lead those ideas while leaders lead people. They analyze those ideas and find out how to use them in practice and achieve them.
5 – Leadership is centered on knowing how to influence individuals: anyone can influence others and leaders are well aware to talk about topics that affect the world. They organize their process of thinking and actions in a way that reflects the kind of impact they want to have on people. They are well aware that their actions, interests and principles can affect others. They understand attitudes and learn the kind of language, procedures and opinions needed to deal with them.
Both leaders and influencers have unique qualities, and both can prove useful in a brand’s strategy. One would come up with the idea, while the other would take practical steps to make those ideas a reality for success.

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